Pinterest, Best Town and Autumn Brown


For the past week and a half, I have been entertaining the idea of leaving Facebook; although I am not sure this will be a permanent change, it has been a positive one so far. Instead of reading posts about sports scores, cute puppies and health ailments (like the details of one friend’s colonoscopy. Really?), I have been emailing people directly (so far, about a 5% response level) and perusing websites like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. I have also rediscovered my love of DIY and craft sites, including Design*Sponge and Crafty Nest, which rival the blog of my talented friend Janel Holiday.


In addition to being a great Interior Designer, Janel is also a fantastic artist.

One site I have taken a special creative shine to is Pinterest. OK, I know I am about 3 years behind, but still, this is a great website based on an excellent idea. You create a board and “pin” things you like to it, anywhere from art to recipes to ideas for teaching. It has a basic format and is easy to use, boasting approximately 25 million users around the world (most of whom are female, including First Lady Michelle Obama).


While I’m not yet pinning woven art by amigos I will one day meet in Peru, I am amazed at some of my friends like Amy, AB, and Steph, who have dozens of eye-catching, interesting boards. Following them on Pinterest is like having a conversation: definite reminders of why I love them so much.

Amy is the Party!

Pink goodness on Pinterest, Amy IS the Party

Amy’s boards are pink and party-plan ready, while Steph’s are about Vespas and shoes; Steph even has a fantastic board titled “My Town is The Best Town,” with rich photos taken around Calfornia’s State Capital (she’s right, it is The Best Town). When people ask me about my years in California, I tell them San Francisco isn’t where I left my heart, it’s Sacramento, only there isn’t a song written about it. Maybe City of Vain could work on that.

Steph's Pinterest

Do you see it? Right there in the middle! ahhh

As for AB’s boards, they are all about her love of paper crafts and tiny gardens. In addition to her Pinterest interests [sorry I had to], AB makes art and will  be featured soon at a fantastic downtown gallery called RAW . The show KALEIDOSCOPE will include her thought-provoking, visually-arousing pieces based on taxidermy, embroidery and orthodontics.

Autumn at RAW

Visit the RAW website to see more art and buy a ticket 🙂

If you are in Sacramento the weekend of June 5th, I suggest you buy a ticket and attend. I would go if I still lived in The Best Town, but for now I will keep finding new, creative inspiration on the web… pinning my way on boards as I go.