Vista de Mi Vida

“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”
– Muhammad Ali

If you were to ask me today my view of life and the role I live in it, all I could do is smile. Since relocating to México, the changes I have made, things I have discovered and people I have met have made me feel reborn beyond measure. With the start of summer, I am excited about the opportunities ahead to explore, relax, and (as always) give thanks

Happy Los Muertos

Hooray for Friends! And happy hour at Los Muertos Brewing Company

Two wonderful friends from San Francisco recently visited Puerto Vallarta for a week, staying at Hotel Posada de Roger, where they enjoyed the rooftop pool and air conditioning: much-needed amenities with the humidity during summer.

Cigarillos at Gato Gordo

Cigarillos with Rogelio at El Gato Gordo

From our first happy hour at Los Muertos Brewing Company, to meeting Rogelio at El Gato Gordo and Luca at Sapori di Sicilia, it seemed there was no shortage of things discover. I especially love when friends meet friends and become friends as well. 

Luca Cisca and Licor de Canela

With Luca Cisca and Licor de Canela at Sapori di Sicilia

We laughed through karaoke with Edgar’s delicious Limonáda at Café Romaand waited out a rainstorm enjoying melty queso fundo at Bar Oceano.

Chicas y Banda

“Do you guys know how to play ‘La Bamba’?” at Bar Oceano Tropical

 We ate breakfast at Fredy’s Tucan and tested guacamole at several restaurants (Swell Beach Bar makes a tasty one).

Jorge at Swell

Michelada with mesero Jorge at Swell Beach Bar. This is after I ate the rest of the Guac!

We explored the Zona Romantica and Colonia Emiliano Zapata, with several visits to Joe Jack’s Fish Shack, where the wonderful bartender Tony “Tank” mixed tasty Mojitos, Margaritas and – with special fruits and herbs from home – the Juana Bliss.

Tank Mixes at Joe Jack's

Tank: Possibly the best bartender in Vallarta! At Joe Jack’s Fish Shack

Midway into the girls’ visit, a third friend arrived from Guadalajara for a long weekend; together the four of us ate and drank our way through the rain and sunshine. With me translating Spanish and English between us all (not easy, as my Spanish still lacks perfection), I had some of my best days (and grateful moments) in Vallarta since moving here.

Malecon Sunday

Friends enjoy the sunshine on El Malécon (Yes, that’s my big flowery bag he’s holding.)

Taking a break from my role as a tour guide, I reserved a day to enjoy my own adventure: horseback riding in Playa Grande, exactly what I needed to remind me of how great life can be in México. After catching the San Esteban green bus on Calle Peru in Centro, I arrived to Rancho el Charro to find a caballero, Ramón, tending the horses.

Rancho Ears

My view through ears, with Ramón from Rancho el Charro

I mounted my yegua, Luna, and spent the next few hours with Ramón and his horse, Cappuccino: climbing, trotting, and exploring along the river and the mountains. 

Luna Vista de Vallarta

With my horse, Luna, and a spectacular view of Puerto Vallarta

The day went by quickly and, once again, my appreciation swelled for the country I now call home. (Read more about my day on my TripAdvisor member’s page).

Ramon and me

All smiles with a snuggly perrito and Ramón from Rancho el Charro

After saying goodbye to my Guadalajara friend, I joined mis amigas for a final lunch at Mi Querencia, where they told me they now know why I love Puerto Vallarta, with its ease of living, beautiful scenery, historical references and friendly people.

Guacamole Fernando

Fernando mixes delicious guacamole at Mi Querencia

I was grateful when my friends also said I look and seem happier than I’ve ever been before. If this is what they concluded about my life in México during their visit, I have succeed on many levels, but mostly as an American living abroad.  I was touched by their observation and, while I know there is more adventure ahead in life,  I also know that with the view from where I am now, not one minute is wasted.

Cocina Roll

No wasting time en mi cocina! Just kidding, it’s an amazing demo kitchen at Mundo de Azulejos