Clearing Clutter Selling Spree

“When you have cleared all of your clutter, you can be of greater service to those around you.” – Michael B. Kitson

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

One of my all-time favorite books by Karen Kingston

Clearing clutter to most people means the purging if unwanted or excessive items. Eliminating everything from tangible objects to toxic people is said to open up passages for better and more appropriate things to come in. Quite often, we associate personal items with value (and occasionally, sentiment), when realistically, they are just things that occupy space. This point is beautifully made on the blog

Red Hen

This lovely Little Red Hen lives next door to my current residence

Before I left the US for México last year, I tried to sell all of my things. I’m not sure if I would call these things clutter, as they were of some value and good use, yet they seemed to serve less purpose in my life than in previous years. I listed items on, ebay and Etsy, and contacted people when I thought an item would suit their taste. Unable to find buyers, and a bit frustrated with the Little Red Hen aspect, I ended up leaving several pieces of furniture, artwork, and other items with a friend.

Cosas si vende

Someone asked, “Do you have a store?” What a compliment! Wait, doesn’t everyone have pink furniture?

Having now returned to the US, I am once again faced with the task of purging things, mostly what I didn’t part with before leaving. Although it is a bit difficult to sell dishes gifted from my family and collage art from my sketchbooks, it is for a good cause: raising funds for the year ahead in Colombia, as a volunteer with WorldTeach. But what’s the best place to sell things, especially vintage furniture that’s not easy to ship? How can I get my things out of the house and into the public eye?

Cosas con Jessica

Selling my stuff with vibrant Jessica Pollock, who volunteers with Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary

A believer in Visioning® and manifestation, I was thrilled to receive a recent call for a vending/sale opportunity. Almost within the same hour that I expressed out loud my wish for a venue on a busy street to set up and sell my artwork, furniture and households, I was contacted by a friend asking if I had things to sell the next day. (Ask, Believe, Receive!) I jumped at the opportunity, and my Saturday at the Happy Tails 20th Anniversary Open House and Food Drive proved to be worth the effort of scrambling to affix price stickers to the items listed in my Etsy store. Grateful and exhausted, I brought home a nice chunk of cash towards my Colombia fund, motivated by the feeling of releasing things. Let the selling spree begin!