GoGo Girl Experiment

The weeks are flying by before I leave for a year as a volunteer with WorldTeach in Colombia, South America. I am so grateful for the generous donations from Francis, Carl and Marleen, Diva the Rug and others. While the volunteer campaign I started as a fundraiser has been slow (despite my promoting the page on Facebook, Twitter and this blog), I still believe it will all come together just before I depart.

WorldTeach Fundraising Page

WorldTeach Fundraising Page. Thank you everyone for your generous donations!

In order to boost my chances at meeting my goal, I created a second fundraiser campaign on IndieGoGo that is getting  some attention.  No money yet, but as the band Hot Chocolate sings, I believe in miracles, like receiving donations of $5,500 in just under 5 weeks!

You hear that? Everyone, that’s you, you sexy thing. 


Hooray, it’s my IndieGoGo page featuring my students from Guadalajara.

Thankfully, I have already received a wealth of support and positive comments from people I reached out to about my dream, and even a few dozen people I’ve never met, who have left encouraging compliments about my journey on about.me. Re-connecting with others whom I’d previously lost touch is motivation beyond words to feel confident success is ahead, and yet still feel compelled to do more.


A call from THIS amazing woman made my week. And it’s only Monday!

… the things that I’m really passionate about, if I fail at those… what do I have?
– Eminem (American musician, 1972-) 

(Yes, I just quoted Eminem. But it’s a good quote! Read it again, you may just agree.)

About.me profile page

My About.me page. Are you sick of this photo yet? Good, it’s also on my new business cards, yay!

In addition to putting the final touches on an insider’s guide I’m writing about Puerto Vallarta (coming soon on Fiverr.com!), I am doing  other creative things like entering photo contests online and brainstorming possibilities for active fundraising. The ideas range from how to hold a successful Kissing Booth disguised as a Pop Up Shop to more sensible, and less germ-passing, like how to better market my artwork, calendars and greeting cards so people will buy them as holiday gifts. Sometimes the greatest plans aren’t perfectly calculated, but rather, thought up on a whim… because someone believed in an idea. 

Milagros sólo

“Miracles only happen if you believe in miracles.”

If I succeed in meeting my goal, it will be a miracle, and if I don’t then I still succeed because I tried it! I refuse to accept the word failure, especially when so many other things have gone South in my life (and I don’t mean to my beloved México). Rather than say “failed experiment,” I just say, “experiment.”

My next five weeks are an experiment in what can happen by doing 3 things I love in life: Ask. Believe. Receive.