Fiverr, GoOverseas and Amen

Fiverr® cover

Fiverr® can’t decide if I can keep this cover photo or not. But I like it!

Counting the weeks before leaving for Colombia as a 2014 volunteer with WorldTeach, I am also counting the fundraising efforts created towards my year. I am so grateful for the generous donations received, this week alone, from friends and family, people near and far, who believe in me and my desire to help others. You know who you are, and it truly is inspiring! To keep the momentum going, I  started a campaign and entered an Intership/Volunteer Scholarship contest at It’s going to be great to see what happens next!

My Fiverr® campaign

When I was living in Puerto Vallarta, I ordered a wonderful Mother’s Day gift from Fiverr®: A personalized song by Maya in the Moment, playing her ukelele and singing lyrics based on an online form I completed. This unique gift was only $5.00! Yes, my mom is worth millions, but to me, this heartfelt song written especially for her was was priceless.

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I decided to check out Fiverr® for myself and discovered, among hundreds of great ideas and offers at only $5.00 each, they have a category for Gifts, Postcards from… You send $5.00 and the seller sends you a postcard from their travels (or home) around the globe. How great is that?! Even with the rising cost of postage, snail mail is still a fun way to send and receive a tangible message you can hold. (Although lately, Postcardly seems to be making more and more sense…)

my first campaign

My premiere gig with – order a postcard from Colombia today!

My Fiverr® campaign is up now, offering a handwritten postcard after I arrive in Colombia! I can’t wait to see who donates the price of a Starbucks® venti Frappuccino, so I can write to them from South America. Sign up now, donate $5.00 and I’ll send you a beautiful postcard thanking you for your support of this dream!

Whoops! Looks like Fiverr® still thinks I live in México.

My entry

In addition to creating my first Fiverr® campaign, I entered a competition on for an Volunteer/Intern Abroad Scholarship, which offers $500 to winners twice a year.  GoOverseas functions as an independent site with ratings and reviews for nearly every available program in the world, including  teach, study, intern, gap year, and volunteer along with a great online community and more! For my entry, I shaped a queso y jalapeño-stuffed pupusa from our local pupuseria, La Flor de Michoacan, like the country of Colombia and photographed myself holding it.

Hungry for pupusa de Colombia?

Holding my pupusa shaped like Colombia… mmm tasty!

As required, I also completed the online application, writing 5 words that come to mind when I think about volunteering abroad; honestly, it was hard to choose. I decided on service, dedication, inspiration, encouragement and compassion. I believe all of these words are exemplary when it comes to helping others and hope I will be able to practice them all in the next year with WorldTeach in Colombia.

Why Volunteer

I also Tweeted this! Some of the other responses are great.

As the Thanksgiving weekend kicks off the holiday season, I’m hoping for more opportunities to give and receive, share and enjoy, pack and downsize, as well as find more online contests, create more gigs on Fiverr® and begin and end each day with a big “AMEN.” After all, being grateful for the riches you have now ensures you’ll never have room in life to feel poor.

Amen to that!

“The man who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does.”
Napoleon Hill (American, author and investor 1883 – 1970)