Extraordinary rewards: teachingtraveling.com

It’s been another fast week in La Fantastica, as daily life returns following a long summer vacation. While the students have not arrived at school, the teachers are back in full force, staying busy with hours of workshops, meetings and lesson planning.

Enrique + oblejas. = no stress for this teacher

In addition to being back in teacher mode, I am thriving in writer mode, receiving a humbling gift this week in the form of an interview on Lillie Marshall’s amazing website, Teaching Traveling.

My first birthday at work in years. I love my school!

I became a fan of Lillie’s informative website, as well as her exciting travel site, Around the World L, while searching for TEFL schools back in 2012. From Boston to Asia to wedding and now baby, I have followed her advice and adventures faithfully on both sites over the past three years.

Lillie would probably love these 3-D globes and philosophers

I reached out to Lillie via email around October 2014, sending a message about my volunteer work with WorldTeach and Volunteers Colombia, and she responded with interest, sending a series of questions to answer in detail.


Read. Apply. Repeat.

It took me several weeks (and many revisions) to complete the questions. After submitting them, Lillie graciously replied. With several interviews lined up, as well as two popular websites to maintain and travel to plan, I knew it could take months to post. I waited, patient but eager.

With my 4th graders in Barranquilla. One of many sports days!

Finally, Lillie and I emailed each other this week about posting the interview. We made a few edits, and the finished article is finally on the site. After reading  and sharing it with family and friends, the post on TeachingTraveling definitely feels well worth the wait.

What I read when I’m not reading literature or textbooks

I am so grateful for this moment to shine and hopefully inspire others who are thinking of teaching and traveling, or who are already living a lifestyle similar to mine. While it has its share of challenging decisions and questionable ideas, the rewards of this not-so-ordinary life are usually, well, extraordinary.

Thank you, Lillie, for this incredible opportunity to be a part of teachingtraveling.com!


My beautiful 5th graders in Barranquilla, “graduating” into high school

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  1. LeClair says:

    So incredibly proud of you my friend!!! Sorry I missed your birthday😩. Hope it was a great one!!! Miss you tons already! Your other #1 Fan, LeClair


  2. Donna says:

    Yea! You have come so far and helped so many others along the way. You are an inspiration! Love from your #1 fan, Mom


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