!Siempre una Costeña!


From 2014 to 2018, I lived on the sunny coast of Colombia, South America, and it was amazing. During my time abroad, I found the famous 2008 campaign for Colombia to be very true: the only risk is wanting to stay! Finally, after four years, I took a giant leap and returned to the United States, first to historic Charleston, S.C., on the east coast, and then to Seattle, WA on the west coast, where I currently reside.

¿Por qué, La Gringa Costeña?

A little more about my apodo (nickname)… In my second year in Colombia, a local friend called me “La Gringa Costeña,” based on my love for coastal regions, especially Barranquilla and Cartagena de Indias: hot, sticky Caribbean Colombian cities I am incredibly grateful to have once called home. As a lover of all things coastal, I embraced this moniker, and continue applying it to my current life.

Love beyond the coast…

In addition to my enthusiasm for coastal locations, I enjoy cooking vegetarian dishes, staying connected with friends around the world and practicing different types of yoga and meditation. When I’m not writing, teaching or traveling, you can find me blogging about my new adventures or posting photos about life in the Pacific Northwest to my Instagram account.

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