US: Sacramento, CA

sac·ra·ment [sak-ruh-muh nt], noun: a visible sign of inward grace; something regarded as possessing a sacred character

Correos de Midtown

My mailbox at my Midtown apartment, Spring 2012

When people ask me where I am from, I tell them California, though I am not a native of the Golden State. I lived in San Francisco from  2003 to 2007, and Sacramento from 2007 to 2012. San Francisco is a magical city all its own however, contrary to the popular song, I left my heart in Sacramento. I didn’t really enjoy much in 2007 and 2008, but things began to open up for me in 2009, and from that point on I savored every bite of California’s Capital City.

Capitol K

Capitol Dana Kate Dana, Spring 2012

Sacramento is flat and spread out: bicycle-friendly, fun on a Vespa and easy to navigate. The center of town, called the Midtown Grid, is mapped out in letter and number named streets. Life on “the Grid” is interesting and entertaining. There is always something to do, ranging in price from Free!” to “I Emptied My Wallet in 5 Seconds” (I was usually better at the first). Restaurantscafésrecord stores: you name it and it is probably here.

Girl Scoots

Me, AB, Steph and Jenn: Sacramento’s all-girl scooter club, Girl Scoots of America, 2011

Small Businesses seem supported, appreciated and loved by the locals. Although some places have been here for years and others have closed, most have acquired loyal clientele that wouldn’t dream of shopping at big box retailers. Friendships and relationships are formed over unique gift purchases, well-prepared dishes or fabulous haircuts that keep people coming back.

Midtown mi Corazón

Midtown mi Corazón: my mixed-media piece for the Midtown Go Your Own Way show at Barton Gallery, 2011

Outside of the Grid, you have wonderful neighborhoods like Curtis Park and bigger areas like Natomas. If you enjoy driving, you might try venturing out to Carmichael or Elk Grove; the suburbs have a restaurant and shopping culture all their own. If you are a naturalist, Sacramento has the American River for rafting and swimming, huge parks for relaxing or enjoying music festivals, and plenty of year-round Organic Farmer’s Markets.


Sacramento loves Mobile Food so much, they now have a festival for it! 2011

Building a community often takes time but the search pays off once you make connections. In my 5 years in Sacramento, I found a great dentist, an excellent optometry office, the best tax advisor, a wonderful hair stylist and an incredible Women’s Fitness Program. I also frequented the same delicious restaurants, became a regular shopper in many small stores, and favored some night spots within stumbling distance of my affordable Midtown apartments. (Rent is half the cost of San Francisco, another reason to love Sactown!)

Never mind the Kings basketball! The real crowned jewel is Midtown, encrusted with businesses that are gems.

Spanglish Biz

Spanglish Arte’s Taxes for Artists workshop, where I met Brenda Duran. Community!

If you ever visit Sacramento, I encourage you to try some of my favorite places. If you are lucky enough to move there, talk to people you meet (most are friendly in Sacramento) and make it a point to do something fun. The definition of Sacrament(o) includes “inward grace,” which hopefully arouses outward intrigue. Enjoy!

Mario La Fiesta

Mario serves the BEST Micheladas in Sacramento at Taqueria La Fiesta

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